we have many ideas to share with you

pampering our envoirement in every step we take

so that they always keep a good memory of you

since 1990 developing and consolidating manufacturing in Asia

promotional products

Do you want your customers to remember you?


In our catalogs you’ll find all those ideas that you had in your head but didn’t know how to make a reality! And, if you don’t find what you want, we’ll manufacture it, from scratch!

Looking for an everyday must-have product? We have it. Looking to make a difference with something novel? We’ll surprise you. Do you want your customers to stick with you because of your sustainability? We’re sustainable.


At Working Import we make

it easy for you!

Working Import was founded in Barcelona in 1990 with the aim of assisting companies with their Promotional Marketing products. For more than 30 years we have been actively working with our customers and taking care of all the details to turn their visions into realities. We see to it that they receive personalized follow-up from the moment a need is conveyed to us until the product has been materialized… 


and, moreover, to do so thinking that there will be a next time?

We partner with our clients so that their customers not only remember them, but also maintain a good impression of their brand, thanks to having chosen the right product at the right time.

Choosing the perfect product will get your customers to remember you. Give the gift of quality and innovation.


Our mission, undoubtedly, is to search and comb national and international markets for the product that gives you an opportunity to be different. We want you to dazzle all your customers, thrilling them with our wide range of products.


We make sure that your gift is environmentally sound

We want you to make a difference with the best gift, but we also want it to be sustainable. At Working Import we care about the environment and believe that even the smallest actions help to minimize environmental impact.

We are aware and respectful, assuming environmental responsibility for all the products in our catalog, so we stay up to date with all the latest regulations and controls in the sector.

We also print our products with eco-friendly materials and methods, and believe in a delivery process that is environmentally responsible.


We want you to feel comfortable with what you choose for your customers.

Printing, stamping, engraving… there are many processes for your brand to leave its mark. Just ask, and Working Import will show you all our proposals for different customization techniques so that you can choose the style that suits you best.

We deliver both nationally and internationally, and we can do so with a single shipment, or distribute orders to the different locations chosen by the client.


At Working Import we draw on all our experience, dedication, commitment, quality and innovation to respond to the needs of our clients. Our goal is to be a partner that grows with them, so they can always dazzle their people with their eye for and dedication to detail.

We want to transform familiarity with your organization into an advantage; for your customers to remember you, and come back. Some of the clients who have trusted us to generate innovative ideas that make a difference…


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